Group lesson Beginners.                £15.00                                                        

                    Novice.                    £16.00

                    Intermediate            £18.00

                    Advanced                 £20.00    



Private                                          £36.00


Hire of Body Protector and/or Hat    £ 1.00


Intermediate and advanced lessons include XC dressage and/or show jumping



For the less experienced rider, or even if you want the same thrill of hacking out, cantering and galloping, but within the safety of the boundaries of the riding school. More experience riders will be given the option of utilising the facilities of our cross country jumps on route.


Half hour           £18.00                                                                            




Hacking out on the roads, and then on to Middlewood Way,  where can have a leisurely walk, trot and even a few canters with an escort. Again for the more experienced  rider. (Must be over 16, or youth to intermediate standard)

1½ hour hack  £35.00




The prices of these activities are as follows:-


Adult Night                                            £40.00

Teenage Night                                       £40.00

Full Day                                                £60.00

Full Day (teenagers)                              £50.00

Trek (please allow 2 hours min.)             £45.00  

Hire of Body Protector and/or Hat           £  1.00      


If you would just like a leisurely walk, trot, canter or gallop, then our normal treks are run weekdays and weekends, (allow 2 hours min.)


NOTE: To be able to book an Advanced Trek, riders must be competent in all aspects of gaits including gallop.  Please note: All riders must wear body protectors when riding on a Trek.




Please be advised all lessons are subject to prior booking and availability. The following applies  regarding cancellations.

  • 48 hours notice is  required for cancellation.
  • If less than 48 hours  notice is given, but more than 24 hours, than a £5.00 fee will be charged.
  • If less than 24 hours  notice is given, then the full fee will be charged.